7th Serpent is a labor of love from a diverse and talented pool of individuals driven by a common vision and a shared passion. Our core team is:

Project Lead

Diego “Aavenr” Jimenez

Secondary Project Lead

Ryan “Stenchy” Anderson

Level Design Lead

Diego “Aavenr” Jimenez

Level Design Artists

Diego “Aavenr” Jimenez
Markus “MK” Kohlpaintner

Gameplay Level Designers

Nico “Co&Co” Nahuijsen
Remco “Co&Co” Nahuijsen

3D Modeling Lead

Ryan “Stenchy” Anderson

Graphic Novel & Concept Artist

Mates Laurentiu

Orchestral Score Composer

Chad Seiter


Please address your emails to: contact [AT] 7thserpent [DOT] net

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