The world of 7th Serpent is set within the near future of modern day Earth. Advances in biotechnology and nanotechnology have allowed for biological enhancements that raise the bar for the quality of life. The government has decided to relax laws limiting cloning and intrusive surgical procedures in the interest of these advances. Serpent Industries, on the other hand, has found another application for these breakthroughs. They have developed a patented method of creating personal soldiers with distinct abilities and no remorse. The result is the perfect killing machine. Informant leaks to the media have partially exposed Serpent Industries shady projects and the public has risen in outrage against them. Constant rallies and protests have followed Serpent Industries CEO, Frank Serpent, for months, yet his only answer is that these are only false accusations crafted by rival corporations. Serpent Industries claims to be nothing more than a high-tech bio-pharmaceutical conglomerate dedicated to improve the quality of life for all.

The pressure is mounting on Serpent Industries as politicians start to back down to the public and introduce more restrictions in the biotech field. Violent outbreaks have taken place as the public decide to take action into their own hands, forming resistance groups. H.A.B.I.T. – Humans Against Biological Intrusive Technologies being the most radical of all resistance groups. H.A.B.I.T. wish to eradicate SI and everything they think it stands for, claiming that SI will not improve the quality of life, only the quality of death – as in the death of humanity. Nevertheless, Serpent Industries uses its massive stranglehold on the biotech and pharmaceutical markets while promising better life through nanotechnology to maintain power and control in and aging techno savvy culture

You will play the role of Vince Petero as you awake within a mysterious underground facility and discover you have been subjected to experimental confidential military testing. The military has contracted Serpent Industries to do genetic experiments in order to create the ultimate soldier. As the 7th and most advanced serpent prototype revision, you are sent out against your will, through the persuasive means of mind control, to complete certain "field tests" that coincidentally benefit Serpent Industries. It is not until you have regrettably completed a few "field tests" that you find a way to override the hold your superiors have put on you. From that point on begins a path of vengeance as you seek out those responsible for doing this to you - including Frank Serpent - president of Serpent Industries. While you proceed towards your goal of deadly retribution, you discover that SI has been playing god for some time now as you cross each of the test subjects experimented on before you - the other six serpents. These other serpents are so far gone that they are no longer human, and as you eventually slay each of them one by one, your hatred for the one man responsible for it all - Mr. Serpent himself - grows almost uncontrollably. It is that hatred that drives you forward to make this man face his deadliest creation of all -- you.

7th Serpent: Crossfire

The first chapter and second chapters of the 7th Serpent saga act as a precursor to the whole series. The second chapter, Genesis, goes into detail of the origin of the serpent agent project and the debut of Serpent Industries first prototype – Damon. Damon is Serpent Alpha and SI sends him out on a field test mission that involves the assassination of Hryfter Armament Technologies CEO and founder – Terrance Hryfter. The mission doubles as a top secret military evaluation to determine the effectiveness of a serpent agent. If it proves a viable solution to the military’s needs, this would guarantee SI a trillion-dollar contract to fund further research, development and production of the said agents.

The first chapter, Crossfire, thrusts you on the test field mission’s aftermath as Damon has stirred the hornet’s nest and heavy resistance is on the way. A city-wide emergency alert has been issued and the local authorities have promptly deployed the National Guard in addition to a heavy police. Backed against a wall, Serpent Alpha must find a way to reach the rendezvous point and successfully evacuate.

7th Serpent: Crossfire represents an ambitious undertaking for a Max Payne 2 modification, letting you play both indoors and then unleashing you on a large, near-futuristic city to break havoc against the enemy. You will get to fight HUMVEES, Armored Personal Carriers, military tanks, choppers and massive loads of military and police troops. It will be a nasty, bloody and very personal affair.

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