7th Serpent: Genesis released!


7th Serpent: Genesis has been released. Check out the download page for the links. I will update this news with more download locations as they become available.
The download is ~250mb.

Please read the 7th_Serpent_Genesis_README.txt file inside the archive to know how to install and run a Max Payne 2 mod.

If you want to tell us what you think of the mod or want to hook us up with another mirror, write to contact [at] 7thserpent [dot] net or join our forums. We would love to hear about it!

-Corwin, Project Lead

7th Serpent: Genesis announced!


It's been two years and a half since 7th Serpent: Crossfire was released, and a bit less than that since I took the project in charge. Finally, I present you the second chapter of the 7th Serpent saga:

7th Serpent: Genesis
Release date: December 10th 2008

After the events depicted in 7th Serpent: Crossfire, the Serpent Industries managed to keep their experiments going ; worse, they secretly received funding from the government to pursue their goal. Creating genetically enhanced soldiers has become their main line of work, and they had time to practice and improve their craft. You are the 7th Serpent, a killing machine engineered to perform the company’s dirty works and keeping its enemies at bay.

One of them is H.A.B.I.T. – Humans Against Biological Intrusive Technologies, actively fighting against the deeds of Serpent Industries, or at least what leaked out to the public throughout the years. Along with a peer, another Serpent prototype, you are sent into the Conference Center, where the heads of the organization are having a meeting, with a simple goal: making sure they can no longer slow down the progress of SI’s researches.

I'd also like to point out that we had to change of web domain, which is now www.7thserpent.net instead of .com. We apologize for the inconvenience.

-Corwin, Project Lead

On The Road Again


The project will go on as I'm taking the role of leader to achieve and release the next episode(s). I'll stick to the successful communication scheme followed so far: no communication until there's something really consistent to show. Rest assured that you'll hear more about the TC, in time.

-Corwin, Project Lead

Project Up For Grabs


So it has been what, a little over four months now? Crossfire's release turned out to be quite successful, the response has been very positive and the team is proud of it. Unfortunately, over the last few months I have found myself employed in the games industry -- DICE Stockholm, doing single-player level design for Battlefield: Bad Company , be sure to buy it! -- so I simply don't have the time, energy or motivation to do mods any more. And the core team that was absolutely crucial in developing that episode has moved on to deal with other affairs in life. Delivering that episode and trying to build the project's framework was a hugely taxing effort for all of us, spanning several years, and it is understandable that none of us can duke it out for yet another round.

But that doesn't mean we are not upset about losing a lot of work, and more importantly, seeing a lot of potential go unfulfilled. Concretely, I am refererring to the level that would likely go on to be our next episodic release. There is at least another level that has been in development, but this one in particular was left in a fairly advanced state. MK, one of our mappers and primarily the author of this level, and myself labored hard for a full year to create the entire level geometry for a level based around a Conference Center location you would go on to assault. And to think that a year's worth of effort won't make it to its intended audience is well, demoralizing for both of us.

So here is the deal. I am looking for someone that is willing to take over our project and at the very least, release the next episode. You can go on and attempt to release the other episodes we had planned -- the script and design document we made covers up to nine -- and there are other assets for some of them that were worked on, but I don't reckon it is realistic to expect all of them to come to fruition and thus I only suggest to consider one release. You would get your hands on a Conference Center level done entirely in MaxED2 and whose geometry is pretty much final at this stage. The gameplay we had planned for it remains far more accesible and MP2-like than our Crossfire release and you would get said plans as well. You would receive all other assets from the entire project, we can set you with private webspace and hook you with our own domain (you are looking at it!) and so on.

Here follow some screenshots of the map in question, a never before seen glimpse to what was to be our next episode:

Our opening release has been featured by at least 6 magazines -- that I know of Germany's PC Action, PC Games, PC Games Hardware, UK's PC Zone, Finland's Pelit -- and covered in at 12 different issues on said magazines, it has been offered in over two dozen download locations and linked from major gaming websites, etc. The point is, Crossfire was a very successful release and on a personal note, the entire project was one of the things that helped me secure my job.

So here you have the opportunity to get something that will look very nice on your resume, have fun with a solid gaming concept and offered to you in quite a convenient way. At the very least you can script this great level, find some people to do secondary roles and produce something really worth-while. And should you have bigger ambitions, you have got everything set-up for you to make that happen.

But here is the thing. The modding world is full of wannabe's. People that promise, people that dream and people with some serious delusions of grandeur -- and I know this firsthand because I experienced all that myself when I started out. This is not a project for them. I am looking for someone serious, mature, with at least some sort of provable modding experience. I need someone that wants this bad enough to commit himself to this project only (ie. multiple simultaneous mod authors need not apply) for however long he is involved with it. Because it is not so much the talent that will get you to the finish line, it's the ability to stick with something and get it done no matter what. And God knows doing single-player mods these days is not for the faint of heart, or shy of work!

So If you are that someone, and you want in on this, send me a mail to aavenr [at] 7thserpent.com and simply tell me why you would like to be involved on it and why you think you are right for the task (it helps to provide samples of work you have done, your CV if you want to, whatever, just prove me that you are a serious and reliable modder). I can give you more information and we can start talking. And guys, do feel free to spread the word if you want to support another 7th Serpent release.

-Aavenr, Project Lead

Crossfire Articles


The fine guys over at PrimoTech have just published a Q&A session I did with them over the weekend. It's an interesting article and if you are curious, it sheds some answers on why we did some of the things we did.

On a similar note, Joe Johnson from ModDB.com has done a poignant review on 7th Serpent: Crossfire. He writes some extremely flattering comments about the Mod and we feel he successfully relayed what our Mod is all about. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Production values ooze out of this mod wherever you look. From the great soundtrack, to the attractive menus, to the great implementation of new and old models in the game world: 7th Serpent seems dressed for success.

Concerning the BitTorrent file I posted yesterday, I have taken it down because it unfortunately died. I will try to get another up and running shortly. Have a nice day!

-Aavenr, Project Lead

Official Trailer / New Music


Courtesy of Peter "Dionex" Hu, we are now bringing you the Official Trailer for 7th Serpent: Crossfire! It is a 30MB .WMV file that you can get from two different mirrors at our Downloads section.

We have adecided to celebrate the occasion by making available another full track from the Crossfire soundtrack composed by Chad Seiter. This music piece is titled "Chopper Dance" and comes up at the very climax of the game. We have also updated our right column with six new screenshots highlighting the stylized action sequences that you can expect to find on our recent release.

-Aavenr, Project Lead

Crossfire Has Been Released!


Several years in the making, the opening 7th Serpent chapter is out! On behalf of our entire team, I hope you have as much fun playing this as we had making it! The official trailer will likely be released on Thursday or Friday at the latest. A comprehensive list of Mirrors to download follows on the semi-permanent section above. More mirrors and a .torrent file will be added shortly:

UPDATE: I've added four more mirrors to the list. Overkill? Tomorrow I will add some more! ;)

-Aavenr, Project Lead

Graphic Novel Samples


On the last update I talked about our crazy composer, so now it only seems fitting to give you a peek into our Graphic Novel artist. His name is Mates "Avatar" Laurentiu and he hails from Romania. He draws really, really well so when Stenchy -- my partner in crime and Secondary Lead -- and I saw some of his pencil work we were stupefied. I mean, just look at his old material for crying out loud! Is this guy good or what?

So the first thing Mates managed when coming onboard was doing what he does best: character drawings. He sketched up concepts for all our main characters and they came off really well. Taken from our Media section, below you can appreciate some of them:

Right after doing the concept art pieces, Mates started working on our Graphic Novel segments for the first episode. We don't want to spoil much for you before you play the game, but here and here are two early panel designs he started with at the beginning. After finishing the sketches and doing some heavy coloring, you can see what he ended up with next:

-Aavenr, Project Lead

Music Teaser Track!


Looks like it is time for an update! We are all in the middle of a punishing crunch mode here, receiving all the input from the beta test and doing loads of bug-squashing -- and it isn't nearly as fun as bug-squashing in real-life, that is for sure! But you guys I am sure have plenty of time off so I thought I would send a little update your way!

Allow me to introduce our resident music composer: Mr. Chad Seiter. His website is pretty outdated -- the man is really busy! -- but he has done work on the TV shows ALIAS, LOST, and the movie The Incredibles. Recently he has worked on the soundtrack for Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible 3 and this cool videogame called BLACK. Chad here has been working with us on and off for over 2 years. He has done 11 tracks for us so far and you will be able to appreciate every one of them on this upcoming release, "Crossfire". So as a little bonus, we are putting up one of these pieces for your hearing pleasure -- bonus points if you can guess when on the level it will be played! ;)

Tanks for the Memories

-Aavenr, Project Lead

Welcome to 7thserpent.com!


If you are reading this then it means our website has just gone live and the project that we have been working under wraps for so long has finally been unveiled! Rest assured, we wouldn't have made this move unless unless our first release was imminent. So stay tuned as this first episode, dubbed 7th Serpent: Crossfire, will be made available very, very soon.

If you want to know more about our project just look around the site. We have got several pages set-up to give you the lowdown on all things 7th Serpent!

In the meantime, to make the waiting just a tad more bearable, we offer level screenshots, model renders and character concept art over at the Media section. Currently we have a high-quality trailer in the works and more behind-the-scenes media is also on the way. You are also encouraged to visit our official forums and post your thoughts there. Exciting stuff!

-Aavenr, Project Lead

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